KTI - Kosovo’s Trade Intelligence Platform

KTI is a pioneering and leading data visualization tool for international trade data which reveals more than 5 years of Kosovo’s trade flows with more than 220 countries across 4,000+ products consisting of 2 million data points.

We use raw data produced by Kosovo Customs and after a rigorous and well documented data wrangling process we are able to present a complex data set into a meaningful and user friendly format.

The KTI Process

Data Gathering

Raw data set obtained from Kosovo Customs and are updated on monthly basis

Data Wrangling

Data is cleaned and merged using a well-documented methodology with 100% proven accuracy of results.

Data Visualization

Tableau dashboards are created to showcase the deepest insights that allow you to answer all the questions regarding trade flow of Kosovo with the world.

1. What products as categorize by 4, 6, 8 or 10 digit tariff codes does Kosovo import and export?

2. How has Kosovo’s trade evolved over time?

3. What products are drivers of export and import growth?

4. What tariffs are charged for each product based on import origin?

5. Explore the market share and dynamics of products imported?

6. Find growing markets for product import or exported?

If you are interested in understanding the sectoral composition of Kosovo’s trade flows then set up an appointment with our data specialists to learn more
about the opportunities offered by this platform.