KAS Labour Force Survey 2018

Your Diagram TitleEstimated total population → Working age population: 1,198,273Working age population → Inactive persons: 708,170Working age population → Labour force: 490,103Inactive persons → Female: 487,840Estimated total population → Children 0-14: 392,155Labour force → Employed: 345,131Employed → male: 271,623Inactive persons → Male: 220,330Estimated total population → Elderly 65+: 203,039Labour force → Unemployed: 144,972Unemployed → M: 108,140Employed → female: 73,508Unemployed → F: 36,832Estimated total population: 1,793,467Estimated total population: 1,793,467Elderly 65+: 203,039Elderly 65+: 203,039Children 0-14: 392,155Children 0-14: 392,155Working age population: 1,198,273Working age population: 1,198,273Labour force: 490,103Labour force: 490,103Inactive persons: 708,170Inactive persons: 708,170Male: 220,330Male: 220,330Female: 487,840Female: 487,840Employed: 345,131Employed: 345,131Unemployed: 144,972Unemployed: 144,972male: 271,623male: 271,623female: 73,508female: 73,508M: 108,140M: 108,140F: 36,832F: 36,832

How many people in Kosovo are active vs inactive in the labour market and how many of them are employed by gender?

This diagram is created through the sankeymatic.com web site and it aims to explain how we calculate the key labour market indicators such as unemployment rate and labour force participation rate.

The data are presented in this diagram come from from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics Labour Force Survey 2018 and can be downloaded here.

From the sankey diagram it can be seen that according to Labour Force Survey 2018 the number of working-age persons in 2018 in Kosovo was 1,198,273. Out of this number, only 490,103 were part active and part of labour force, while 708,170 persons were inactive, thus outside the labour market. These are the definitions of these categories according to KAS:

1. Employed: persons who during the reference week did any work for pay, profit or family gain, in cash or in kind, or who were temporarily absent in their work.

2. Unemployed: persons who during the interview week:
– Were without work, i.e. they were not in paid employment or self- employed;
– Were currently available for work, i.e. they were willing to start paying job or self- employment within two weeks; and
– Seeking work, i.e. they had taken specific steps during the past four weeks in search of paid employment or self-employment.

3. Inactive persons: persons who during the reference period were neither employed nor unemployed

4. Labour force participation rate is defined as the section of working population in the age group of 15-64 in the economy currently employed or seeking employment.

Now, back to the sankey diagram above, we can observe that the level of unemployment in Kosovo during 2018 was 29.57 %. This percentage results if we divide the number of unemployed persons (144,972) with the number of people in the labour force (490,103). Whereas, the labour force participation rate was 40.9% and this is calculated by dividing the number of people in the labour force (490,103) with number of people in the working age population (1,198,273).

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