What does Kosovo import from other countries?


Explore the value of imported goods in Kosovo by category and country of origin. See how much raw sugar or cars or cement or tobacco did Kosovo import from other countries.

What types of products as categorized by Harmonized System of Tariffs 6 digit code does Kosovo import and where does Kosovo import from?

Using the year filter and country filter you can can narrow down the data to show on the screen. You can also select the HS2 category from the icons in the chart for your convenience to narrow down the products based on two digit classification.

This chart was created using the Kosovo Customs data set of trade statistics for the period Jan 2015 – Jan 2019. Since the data set provided by Kosovo Customs contains only the 10 digit level of classification, the data had to be cleaned and merged with 2 digit and 6 digit classification product names. If you are interested to obtain the data cleaning file please email us and we will be happy to share the file with you.


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